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   เครื่องพ่นทรายระบบ Closed Circuit  

    PYC-Closed Circuit Blasting System consists of closed circuit blasting head, combined with a pressure pot, fully adjustable air wash relaimer, dust collector, and air ejector type vacuum producer.
    The blasting action is started by activating a control switch located at the blast head. Abrasive is then blasted against the work surface under air pressure3, while the spent abrasive, dust and debris is pneumatically conveyed to the reclaimer located above the blast pot.
    In the relaimer, the re-usable abrasive is separated from the dust and debris and stored in the storage hopper. Coarse debris is separated by means of a screen.
    The recovery air stream is generated by a air ejector which is operated by compressed air, and a dust collector is provided to trap fine dust particles.


PYC-Closed Circuit Blaster Features :

Compressed Air Req’D :
215m3/hr (125cfm)
Vacuum Recovery System :
Air Ejector Type
Blast Nozzle Size :
6 mm.(1/4”)
Blast Hose Length :
7 M.x 25 mm. (1”)
Recovery Hose Length :
7 M. x 50 mm.(2”)
Abrasive Capacity :
28 litres
Abrasive Type
Steel Grit / Steel Shot
Aluminium Oxide
Glass Beads
Blast Cycle Time :
10 minutes

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